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Our Main Cattery

The Stay

Over the years we have found that that best way to keep our visiting cats happy at our cattery is feed the cats the same feed that they enjoy at home where ever possible. Dietary needs are discussed at the time of taking the booking for our cattery and then confirmed when you come to drop the cats off for their holiday.

We are able to cater for cats with special needs so please let us know exactly how you would like them to be fed and cared for.

As we have mentioned the diet, we should also say that we regularly have visitors to our cattery who bring a little bit of home, for example his or her bed, blanket, sweater, or just a little treasured toy, but we do supply bedding, toys and scratch posts.


Our daily routine starts at 8am every morning with breakfast for the guests.  8.30am all chalets are cleaned litter trays are changed, bedding checked and food and water bowls are removed washed and replaced with clean water and food. 2.00pm our guests are checked for water food and clean litter trays. I then spend some time with them grooming etc. 5-6pm dinner time, litter trays are changed were needed, water and bedding checked, doors closed and heaters are put on depending upon the weather.10-10.30pm all guests are checked and night lights are put on.