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Our Main Cattery

About Us

After looking at Catteries with view of buying one for many years Graham and I (Sandra) finally found the right place to open and build our Cattery "Top Cats Boarding Cattery"

We started with 11 purpose built chalet units which I had a large hand in building personally. Shortly after opening the Cattery we added another cattery chalet a large family unit for up to 3 or 4 cats sharing - obviously from the same family.




Over the last 11 years Graham and I have worked tirelessly to extend and improve our catteries facilities to the great facilities that we have now. The Cattery now boasts some 20 Lindy Loo units with heaters and insulated chalets runs and exercise areas. Graham and I are so pleased with the way the cattery looks now.

Our Cattery is now listed with a number of other catteries on the Fab Cats website, Fab Cats inspect their Catteries for quality of accomodation and care that catteries like ours can offer our customers and their cats.